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Friday 5th September 2014 - Heard it all before, Mr Cameron


Yesterday at the NATO summit in Wales UK Prime Minister David Cameron (left) once again made one of his insipid speeches telling us what he's going to do - or rather what he thinks he might do - about the Islamic State.


Well Dave, wouldn't it be better to ignore your ineffectual ravings and instead combat creeping Islamification in places like Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, London, Manchester, Rochdale and Rotherham?


For many years now our arrogant, ignorant, naïve metropolitan-elite politicians have been misleading the public. They've encouraged mass immigration of Muslims, triying to hide the figures by going on about "net migration". They have allowed Muslim enclaves to become established and haven't the balls to counter the creeping Islamification of the UK. And they've sat at their taxpayer funded dinner parties congratulating themselves over their "inclusiveness" as they have sneeringly abused, vilified and criminalised any member of the indigenous population that had the temerity to object to the Islamic influence besmirching this country.


How long will it be in this country before girls get acid thrown in their faces for trying to go to school? How long before you can't get a meal in a restaurant or a pint in a pub because it's Ramadan? How long before people are being molested in the street for wearing westernised clothes or carrying alcohol? And even now, how many Muslim nutters who were or still are Birmingham school governors have been removed or arrested? How many members of Muslim gangs across the country molesting kids have actually been apprehended?


And now these same politicians try and tell us they're "concerned". Bollocks. And our politicians would have to grow some - and that ain't going to happen.




Tuesday 2nd September 2014 - The insanity of political correctness.


The couple Brett and Naghemeh King, who have been hounded by the UK police and the NHS after taking their son out of hospital to seek alternative treatment, remain in custody in separate prisons in Madrid, and could be in jail until Thursday, after an extradition hearing was postponed yesterday.The parents of the five-year-old cancer patient Ashya King now face being banned from visiting him until the end of the week as part of restrictions placed on them after the boy was made a ward of court by a Spanish judge.


Meanwhile Ashya is under police guard in a hospital in Malaga, hundreds of miles to the north. The family fear his health may be deteriorating because he is likely to be afraid and "confused". I'm sure the kid will be.


What a pity the parents are not members of a Muslim gang abusing children, in which case they wouldn't be hounded, criminalised and victimised. And doubtless some jobsworth will shortly place the poor kid in the tender care of a bunch of PC social workers who will arrange for him to be fostered by an ethnic minority gay couple as soon as possible.




Saturday 23rd August 2014 - Selective politically correct proportionality.


Amazing how all the breathless politically correct commentators and BBC luvvies are falling over themselves to condemn football manager Malky Mackay for alleged racism, anti-semitism, homophobia and misogyny via his text messages over the last few years. They would delight in ensuring that the man never works again so as to be made a pariah and become impoverished.


Yet these same breathless politically correct commentators and BBC luvvies know full well that much more serious instances of racism, anti-semitism, homophobia and misogyny take place in mosques up and down the country every week, yet they do nothing to condemn or even acknowledge these goings-on. Typical selective outrage and hypocrisy from a bunch of mealy-mouthed metropolitan-elite wasters, who prattle on about the need for "proportional responses" but never practice it.


How come phone hacking is a criminal offence but publishing private texts is OK?


Good on Harry Redknapp for speaking out and putting things in perspective.




Wednesday 20th August 2014 - Two rate rise nutters on a different planet.


The minutes of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) at its August meeting have just been released. Two members, Martin Weale and Ian McCafferty, voted to raise interest rates, causing a vote of 7-2 in favour of leaving rates at 0.5%. The minutes reflected the concerns of the dissenting pair :


 ".....the continuing rapid fall in unemployment alongside survey evidence of tightening in the labour market created a prospect that wage growth would pick up"......".


Well if these 2 fantasists really believe that zero hours and slave wage part-time employees in their millions are going to engender wage growth, they really are on a different planet. Rate-hawk Andrew Sentance disciple Martin Weale has been prattling on about the dangers of a "wage-led inflationary spiral" for years. He needs to get out more often. And with inflation falling again and wage growth lessening, these 2 blokes must feel like real plonkers.


For 5 years people have been hammered with below-inflation wage rises or in many cases no wage rises at all. But these "experts" want to hammer these same people with more expensive mortgages and charges even before wage increases normalise, and without taking account of the catch-up in wages that would be required to get back to 2007 levels.


Indeed the REAL danger if rates were to go up would be "rate-rise-led inflation", as mortgages and goods became more expensive. It takes two to cause a spiral - and they are called Weale and McCafferty..




Sunday 17th August 2014 - lock the stable after the horse is halal meat.


So UK Prime Minister David Cameron seems to have woken up at last and is now warning us about the dangers of ISIS-style Islamist militancy?


It's a bit bloody rich for ignorant, arrogant metropolitan elite politicians to now be "warning" us about Islamist nutters. For years the man in the street has been well aware of the danger, but if he opened his mouth he was vilified, victimised and often criminalised as a racist and Islamophobe. And this went on while all these smug politicians and their chattering class media luvvies sat round their taxpayer-funded dinner tables congratulating each other about their "inclusiveness" and their "commitment to multi-culturalism" as they sneered from above at the plebs that have had to live with the consequences of their naïve folly.


Even now what will the government actually DO to stop these nutters coming back to the UK? What do they do when these nutters, living off social benefits, strut around threatening us and generally taking the p*ss? Answer: NOTHING.


If this goes on there will inevitably be real trouble in the UK - like civil war.




Friday 15th August 2014 - South Yorkshire Plod at the Cliff edge.


Veteran UK singer Sir Cliff Richard last week denied an allegation of "historic sexual abuse" after police searched his Berkshire home.


The 73-year-old crooner issued a statement insisting the allegations were false and pledging to cooperate fully with the police. He issued a robust denial after about a dozen detectives from South Yorkshire police, using a search warrant, entered his luxury apartment on a private estate in Sunningdale, Berkshire as they investigated an allegation involving a young boy in the 1980's.


This blog makes no comment on the specific allegations, but ...................


Ah the good old South Yorkshire police. Not content with making a mockery of the UK justice system through their actions after the Hillsborough disaster, they now seem to think that allegations of sexual impropriety 30 years ago can somehow be proven or otherwise by raiding somebody's house. Pathetic and frankly at the cliff edge of incompetence. Obviously looking through famous people's possessions gives them more pleasure, and of course is a lot easier, than actually trying to catch real criminals like thieves, muggers, rapists or Islamist nutjobs.




Sunday 10th August 2014 - Hell hath no fury like a Muslim pedant scorned.


Baroness Warsi (pictured left) has stated that the UK Conservative party will not be able to win a parliamentary majority at the next general election because it has failed to woo ethnic minority voters. This increasingly strident unelected Muslim member of the House of Lords, who resigned from the Government last week over its policy on Gaza (allegedly), said the ruling Conservatives were ignoring "electoral reality" by relying on white voters. And while she was at it the former Foreign Office minister also called on the Government to "recognise Palestine as a state" and impose an arms embargo on Israel.


So from making a supposedly "principled" gesture over Gaza, this unelected and misguided harridan now seeks to extend her bleatings to effectively accuse the government of racism, ironic in itself when she is clearly supporting anti-semitism. And there's no evidence that she speaks for non-white, non-Muslim voters. Actually we all know where's she's coming from - she's bitter and twisted because she was ignored for promotion during a recent Cabinet re-shuffle. So we can expect ever-increasing Islamic stridency from her from here on in. Not to mention the gratuitous cheek of a sad, undemocratic loser giving lectures on how to attract votes. 




Thursday 7th August 2014 - Proportionate nonsense


After all the hot air and hand-wringing about Baroness Warsi and her self serving Muslim inspired resignation as a cabinet minister over Gaza dies down, perhaps she could explain just exactly WHAT Britain could do to change Israeli policy? And she might explain her selective outrage when it comes to conveniently ignoring the many atrocities committed by her fellow adherents of Islam?


Israel may be over the top, but just exactly what represents a "proportionate" response to Hamas? Should Israel allow some Hamas rockets to kill its civilians? Should it present a couple of thousand of its citizens in cattle trucks for Hamas to gas? Or invite ISIS Einsatzgruppen to shoot Jewish women and children? 


The plain fact is that if Israel wasn't a predominantly Jewish state, most people in the West would regard its actions as a brutal but probably necessary example of what we ourselves will have to do to counter Islam in the future. Most of the hand-wringers don't really give a monkeys about Gaza, but see the current situation as a chance to exercise their anti-Semitism. Strange when they abhor all other racism.




Wednesday 6th August 2014 - Good riddance to the Sharia minister.


Baroness Warsi, UK Foreign Office minister, yesterday announced her resignation from over Britain's policy on Gaza, saying it was "morally indefensible".


Nonsense. She resigned because she's a Muslim and fundamentally her loyalties therefore lie with her religion rather than governmental collective responsibility. Once again the folly of tokenism is demonstrated: why was this unelected adherent of an alien religion ever elevated to the Lords and ever given a ministerial position requiring her to represent this country? Clearly you can take the woman out of the mosque, but you can't take the mosque out of the woman. And it's particularly ironic to reflect that if Sharia law was ever established in the UK, there would be no career for the likes of Baroness Warsi outside the kitchen.


The selective outrage of these people is contemptible. She wasn't resigning when ISIS Einsatzgruppen were massacring hundreds of people a few weeks ago. Not a word from her when her fellow Muslims were attempting to subvert and corrupt the UK educational system. Not a word about Muslim gangs abusing young white women. But as soon as the chance arises for anti-Semitism - Allah be praised!


Doubtless the BBC and even more disgracefully the Labour party, will try and make capital over this grand gesture. But in reality - GOOD RIDDANCE.




Tuesday 5th August 2014 - A pantomime insulting Great War heroes.


Yesterday various Royals and world leaders gathered for ceremonies marking 100 years since Britain joined The Great War. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry Hewitt and UK Prime Minister David Cameron attended a ceremony at St Symphorien Military Cemetery near Mons, Belgium.


Earlier, the Prince of Wales and Mr Cameron attended a Glasgow church service and heads of state gathered in Belgium. The day concluded with a candle-lit vigil at Westminster Abbey, where proceedings were "dignified" by the doleful attendance of the Queen's representative, the former adulteress Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Concurrently a "lights out" event took place around the UK. The British public were invited to join the switch-off and light candles in their homes, ending at 11pm - the time Britain declared war on Germany in 1914.


There is no disrespect intended to Britain's war dead, but this pantomime has been devised by cynical, opportunistic UK politicians seeking to display their "patriotic" credentials prior to an election year. The sight of the likes of Mr Cameron spouting unctuous platitudes is frankly nauseating and an insult to the servicemen who died in the Great War and the way their family members have been roped in to these "celebrations" is particularly odious. And of course the media has jumped in, with extended "highlights" of a party political farce, replete with historical inaccuracies and even in the case of the BBC suggestions that the British forces in the struggle were a "multi-cultural" force for good. What politically correct nonsense, reinforced with mock solemnity and emotive tripe as the plebs were urged to light candles.


Starting wars shouldn't be a subject for celebration. And if Mr Cameron and his cronies are so concerned to exude patriotism then perhaps they should try and stop the creeping Islamification of the UK and thereby ensure that the service personnel who lost their lives in the Great War didn't ultimately die in vain.




Sunday 3rd August 2014 - Opportunistic Boris.


Mayor of London Mr Boris Johnson is rumoured to be considering throwing his considerable weight behind a major report which says that it would be better for London if Britain were to leave the European Union (EU) than stay if Prime Minister David Cameron fails to negotiate reforms (which will almost certainly be the case).


The report estimates that the UK leaving the EU wouldn't be catastrophic for London, and better than staying if Britain's position in the organisation is not renegotiated. The report adds that London — which generates just over 20% of the country’s economic output —would be put at only a slight disadvantage if the UK opted to leave even if reforms were guaranteed.


At the risk of appearing to highlight political opportunism, it's a bit ironic that Boris is posturing as anti-EU when UKIP is riding high and his fiefdom London in terms of population is the least British environment in the country!




Thursday 31st July 2014 - All wrong on the Eastern Front.


I see that there are quite a few geriatric cold warriors, particularly in the UK's right wing media, going on hysterically about the alleged menace of Russia and of course in particular the "evil Vladimir Putin" and the plight of the Ukraine.


Most of the rest of us, while deploring passenger planes being shot down, couldn't give a monkeys about the Ukraine, which to some extent has landed itself in its current predicament. Russia itself didn't shoot down the plane and compared to our mealy-mouthed politicians, Putin's the only world leader with any balls.


Indeed if we wanted to act solely in the UK's interests, we should consider agreeing an alliance with Russia, giving them a free hand in their own back yard, negotiating a deal for cheap oil and gas, and gaining a powerful ally against Islamic nutters. But of course our lot are too hung-up on gay marriage, green rip-offs, human rights for terrorists, foreign aid and unlimited immigration to consider anything so sensible.




Tuesday 29th July 2014 - Political protests just not cricket.


England cricketer Moeen Ali was photographed wearing wristbands bearing the slogans ‘Save Gaza’ and ‘Free Palestine’ during his innings against India yesterday. The International Cricket Council clothing regulations cover “messages which relate to political, religious or racial activities or causes”. A proven offence would normally attract a fine from the match referee. What's the betting that trendy anti-Semitism wins the day and he gets away with it with no more than a perfunctory slap on the wrist and a telling off not to do it again? Nothing like a bit of hypocrisy in sport.


Of course such occurrences are against the background of the craven, persistent appeasement of Islam undertaken by the UK chattering classes, its political and media metropolitan elite, and its largely ignorant showbiz "celebs". Their seeming acceptance of the creeping Islamification of the UK is supremely ironic when you consider that if Sharia law was ever to be imposed, many of their hedonistic and gay days would be numbered by means of amputations and stonings and the rest lucky enough to survive would be frogmarched to the mosque.


Now Israel is by no means blameless in the ongoing struggles in the Middle East; it has used the Holocaust too often as an historical justification ironically for Teutonic arrogance and militarism. But just what exactly is that country supposed to do when faced with Hamas rocket attacks? Use harsh language? Surrender? The UN needs to step in and establish a military buffer zone along all of Israel's borders - borders that should be revised to take away any land grabbed in recent years. But on the other hand, if Israel is to be forced to do that, its neighbours have got to stop attacking or Israel will be justified in waging war and ignoring all the ignorant "fashionable" sports, media and pop "stars" bleating.


The situation proves yet again the merit of banning ALL religion and stopping the vile practice of indoctrinating kids to believe fairytale bullshit and thereby hate.




Monday 28th July 2014 - The start.


This is a blog that will take a world-weary cynical view of current events. And what fruitful material is readily available! Religious nutters - Middle East conflict - a Tory government in the UK spinning nonsense about economic recovery - Pro-Russian separatist cretins shooting passenger planes down - etc., etc., etc.


So we hope our contributions will criticise those deserving criticism - and from what we discern, that means almost EVERYONE! NO MERCY! 


For starters in the cynical stakes, let's look at Russian President Putin. Recent events have conspired to allocating pariah status to this man, but if the UK was really looking after its best interests, Mr Cameron would call Vlad up, tell him we weren't bothered about Ukraine, praise his statesmanlike approach, and thereby be able to buy cheap oil and gas and gain a powerful ally against Islamist nutjobs.


Of course it won't happen that way - but Angela Merkel might not be far off !









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